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Diagnosis Story

Pacing through children's hospital halls

Hopeful stick-figure artwork adorn the hospital walls

Desperate visits, no parent, ever wants to make

Search for a diagnosis, and the right path to take

The day our world came tumbling down

Forced smile, to hide a very fearful frown

Learning his heart wasn’t built quite right

Along for a bumpy ride, very difficult flight

The air inside my body seems to disappear

Intense buzzing sound fills my hot-red ears

Leaving there with more questions than answers in my head

Not knowing where to turn, my heart fills up with dread

This wasn’t what I expected, but what I felt in my heart all along,

I have to keep going, have to stay tough, need to remain strong.

Our journey was just beginning, little did we know.

My husband and I had been given an EXTRA SPECIAL HEART HERO!

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