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More events coming soon!

Book Reading 2/8 10:30 @TRUPlay in Layton, Utah

Join me for a Valentine's Day book reading, signing and craft!  I will be reading my newly released book, EXTRA Special Heart

Beautiful, inclusive story about a little boy with a Congenital Heart Defect.  It highlights all of the beauty and strength the child has, even though he may have a heart with physical imperfections.  Teaches children about, inclusion, and harvests pride amongst children with disabilities or differences.

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Brave Hearts Book Reading

CO-Hosted with The Heart Community Collection

On Thurs February 10th,

Log in to Https:// and be ready! (make sure you know what time it will take place in your time zone)

Book reading video will premiere at

— 7pm ET — 6 pm CT — 5 pm MT — 4 pm PT —

Please join us for a LIVE Q&A with the authors following the READINGS!
We can’t wait to celebrate National Heart Week with you!

If you are a HEART Mama who loves books, please join our group- 

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