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"Later," Said Gator

Milo is a very smart, creative gator! But when it’s time for cleaning, he always says he’ll do it later! Can he come up with a plan to get the job done? Will he clean his big mess so he can go back to having fun?

“Later,” Said Gator is the first book in the I Like Me & All I Can Be Collection. This collection will help kids tackle everyday hurdles head-on with confidence! 


This book will be helpful for all kids but especially those with ADHD or those who struggle with executive function. Full of fun and humor! Helps kids see that “cleaning up along the way” will actually be beneficial for everyone!

Later Said Gator cover.jpeg

The Fun Thieves

Disappointment looms when fun activities keep getting canceled due to the FUN thievery by different elements in nature. But are these thieves really ALL BAD?
Kids will learn to keep positive attitudes when dealing with frustrating situations and remember to look on the BRIGHT SIDE.
Relatable situations will help to teach kids to try to find the GOOD in something that seems to be ALL BAD.

Learning While You Enjoy

Can you find the dog on each page? Look-and-find pages can help build listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. This can also improve language and vocabulary for younger children as they begin to recognize and find objects in the pictures.

Improve Your Child's Mental Health

According to the CDC, depression and anxiety have been drastically increasing more and more each year.
According to the CDC, 1 in 6 children aged 2-8 years has a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder.
Tackling your child's ability to work through frustrating situations and hard times  NOW at a younger age will drastically improve their mental health for the future.
The Fun Thieves will open important conversations about your kids feelings and help them acknowledge them.  It will also aid them with a foundational skill of resiliency so that they can transform their BIG FRUSTRATIONS into SMALLER, more manageable ones. It is a perfect introduction to spark discussions with children about their mental and emotional health. The Fun Thieves, is a must for every parent who wants to encourage positive thinking.

Bad Habit Rabbit

Little bunny Fluff Bum dreams of becoming an Official Easter Bunny! But there’s a problem! He has a BAD HABIT of nibbling on the children’s Easter egg chocolates! Can he learn to overcome this habit so he can graduate from The Official Easter Bunny Academy and fulfill his dream?

This story teaches kids NOT to give up on their dreams, even when they run into hurdles. Empowers kids to find solutions to their problems so that they can feel PROUD and work towards fulfilling their dreams.

BONUS Page at the end of the book with “Tips to Combat a Bad Habit” for kids.

Bad habit rabbit.jpg

BIG Plans for Tomorrow


Mommy what are we gonna do TOMORROW??
Enjoyable, imaginative bedtime story for kids.  Explores the never-ending possibilities of all the things tomorrow can bring with a playful child’s imagination.

Learning while you enjoy-
Repetition of wording in this story encourages children to be engaged and helps teach children prediction-making skills before they are able to read on their own.
Helpful, repetition also helps target speech sounds.  This easy-reading book will be a fun bedtime story and opens up conversations about things to look forward to TOMORROW.
Can you spot Sammy’s kitty and bunny on each page? Look-and-find pages can help build listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. This can also improve in language and vocabulary for younger children as they begin to recognize and find specific objects in the pictures.

EXTRA Special Heart

Beautiful, inclusive story about a little boy with a Congenital Heart Defect. It highlights all of the beauty and strengths the child has, even though he may have a heart with physical imperfections. Teaches children about inclusion, and harvests pride amongst children with CHD, that may feel frustrated or sad about having an "imperfect heart." Perfect for Valentine’s Day but also a great year-round book to read!


Turkey Trot 

Kids will laugh their socks off with this silly, goofy book about wild turkeys dancing and their silly “turkey trots.” Wonderful descriptive language in this book expressing all the turkey movements. Great for Thanksgiving or year-round fun!

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch

Adorable Halloween Book for kids ages 2-6. Kids will love learning about emotions with the various pumpkin faces. Very fun non-spooky story to read during FALL.


Christmas Is A Feeling

Rediscover the TRUE treasures of the season!
This magical Christmas picture book contains beautiful, descriptive, poetic language engaging people of all ages. It is a very heartwarming Holiday book to read as a family and will open conversations about the importance of faith, kindness, love, family and finding the TRUE beauty of CHRISTMAS! The picturesque artwork spread throughout will captivate both readers and listeners. Wonderful book to encourage children to spread kindness and love and make the season extra special. Contains a bonus page at the end with a list of ways children and families can be challenged to discover the true beauty of Christmas and discover what makes it so magical.


ACHOO!!!! Oh no, Santa is sick!
Tinsel and all the other elves must hurry to make a plan! What will happen to Christmas?

Families will enjoy reading this holiday book together! This silly book lightens up the heavy frustrations of becoming sick before a big event or holiday. It teaches kids that when they get sick, rest is needed and also that it’s ok to ask for help when you are feeling unwell. 

A theme of teamwork and “togetherness” is highlighted in this delightful tale. When Santa, gets sick his family and friends all band together. Will they be able to work together and save Christmas?

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