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Prime BIG DEAL DAYS Favorites- Children's Books

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One of my favorite parts of being a children's book author is that I am constantly diving head first into a number of FUN books! Purely research of course. ; ) HAHAHA! I am always on the lookout for good book deals and love sharing them with my family and friends. Nothing makes me happier then spreading my love of literacy around! All the books I have listed below are currently marked down 40% off or MORE!!! The prices are subject to change quickly so if you want them get them fast! Amazon Prime Big Deal Days will only go until the end of 10/11!


HUGE DEALS on Picture Book Recommendations!

I absolutely adore this gorgeous fall book! It is such a fun story about a leaf that is determined to hunt down the thief that is stealing all the leaves! It's on a great sale now and is one of my favorite seasonal books!

Get it here (ad):

The entire "How to Catch a..." Series is on a very good deal right now! Make sure to check out this best selling series that will delight children of all ages! There are so many in this series! A lot of holiday titles too!

Check out the entire series here (ad):

This book is wonderful to teach kids about consequences for their actions and how their actions effect others more than they might think. This is a fun "non preachy" book that is very helpful to many kids!

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Favorite Chapter Books to get kids HOOKED on reading!

This was one of my favorite books as a kid! Loved the story of Stanley Yelnats and how he has to untangle a mystery to find out why his family has been cursed all these years! Such an entertaining book!

Get it here (ad):

This is a great book pick for kids that would normally choose a video game over reading! Lots of adventure and excitement and my 10 year old video gamer approves!

Get it here (ad):

I have loved reading this series with my 10 year old! It is such a fun Fantasy series! It has a lot of humor and it is full of excitement and a good amount of black and white illustration! Very fun read!

Get it here (ad):


Children's Nonfiction FAVORITES

This Anthology Series is gorgeous! I love all the titles in this collection. Such beautiful gold on the edges of the pages. Gorgeous Illustrations and information on all sorts of things linked to aquatic life, animal life, nature, and the universe on each page! Love this nonfiction book! Currently 47% off MSRP!

Get it here (ad):

Get it here (ad):

Get it here (ad):

Get it here (ad):

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